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Liezel Changuion van der Merwe started her career in graphic design. Her growing interest in media led to being a production assistant on pop promos and commercials for television and screen. Taking the position of production assistant at a company called MediaMakers, it broadened her experience in corporate marketing videos for a wide range of companies and governmental departments.

Working closely with the Department of Defence it opened doors to filming their wildlife and animal conservation programmes such as the Cape Mountain Zebra and the Black Rhino. Relocating to Ireland in 1998, she worked for AV Edge co-ordinating the international co-production of ‘Visions of Democracy’, a children’s educational series with programmes from as far afield as Australia and the United States. Her depth of experience spanned from corporate work to education and she later independently produced and directed her own documentary “In the barber’s chair” which was broadcast on RTE in 2002. A year later her work was published in Aerial Perspectives, a profile of contributing visual artists, celebrating “ambassadors of culture” in county Cavan, Ireland.

Returning to South Africa with her husband and two young daughters she assisted in the family restaurant business in Yzerfontein. Engaged in the vast open landscapes of the West Coast she rediscovered her first love for photography and has worked at her career at a steady and growing pace, photographing beautiful brides, wine, cultural events and artists. Being married to a chef created a natural avenue into food photography & styling. Her work has been published in The Wine Magazine, Chef Magazine, The Westcoaster Magazine and Evita's Kossie Sikelela Cookbook

As a finalist in the 2009 Sasol New Signatures art competition, Liezel described herself as a visual interpreter creating images from ideas and moments, always searching and discovering the essence and beauty of things. "It is a priviledge to witness and capture people's lives and talent" Liezel has a small studio at their home in Durbanville and enjoys collaborating with chefs, musicians and designers on photogrpahic projects. Her clients include DEFY, Walker Bay Spice, Susina Jooste, The Hurst Campus & Aglo SA Timbers